What does being a NeuropsychologySA subscriber mean?

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May 18, 2019
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What does being a NeuropsychologySA subscriber mean?

Becoming a subscriber to NeuropsychologySA has the following benefits:

  • Access to the Articles of Interest where information about the field of neuropsychology, as it applies in South Africa, is made concrete and easy to apply.
  • Access to Tutorial videos and slides to try to simplify neuropsychological information and concepts to aid the learning of neuropsychology, for psychologists interested in the field.
  • Access to Research Updates and Tips for Clinicians.
  • Regular reminders of upcoming training opportunities (also available to Pending Subscribers).
  • Regular reminders of current information that psychologists practicing in the field of neuropsychology in South African need to be aware of.

At the cost of R123-05 a month, upgrade your status to NeuropsychologySA Subscriber, and enjoy the benefits listed above, by completing this registration form and sending it to info@neuropsychologysa.co.za.

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