SAMLA Training Programme for 2019 – 2020

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March 11, 2019
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SAMLA Training Programme for 2019 – 2020

SAMLA Training Programme for 2019 – 2020

Are you (or would you like to be) a Medico-Legal Practitioner?

SAMLA Training Programme for 2019 – 2020. Information about the eagerly awaited second and third sections of the SAMLA training in Medico-legal Practice – The Practical Workshops.

The 10 practical workshops follow on the theoretical underpinning in the Foundations Course in Medico-Legal Practice and Ethics presented during 2018.

The new training format: In order for SAMLA to present its training to our members all over the country and to get maximum CPD points, the next two levels of training will be presented as a series of workshops rather than year-long courses – 5 workshops in 2019 and 5 in 2020. Each year will build on the skills and experience developed during the previous year.

There will be live presentations in 5 venues (instructions and discussion) as well as practical work to be done in syndicates.

Syndicates will be licensed so that participants can communicate online with each other to work on their assignments.

Who is eligible?

  • The 2019 training is open to all interested persons, whether-or-not you did the 2018 training.
  • To qualify for the 2020 workshops, you will have had to complete both the 2018 and 2019 courses satisfactorily.  But, here’s the good news – The 2018 Foundations Course will soon be available as an e-course, so for those who missed the boat the first time, all’s not lost.

Benefits of this format:

  • Opportunity to catch up – those who want to do the 2020 training (but missed the 2018 Foundations Course), will have the opportunity to catch up by completing the Foundations Course during 2019 as an online course
  • Maximum CPD points – the total number of points for the workshops done separately will be considerably more than if the training is presented as a single course.
  • You can obtain a certificate of completion for the whole course by completing all the workshops in each of the following two years.
  • Persons interested in specific workshops only, may do so in 2019. They will receive CPD points and a certificate of attendance per workshop.
  • More payment options (and perhaps kinder on the budget). You can pay per workshop and do not have to find the full course fee upfront.

Provisional Costs:  26 January R2 500 (incl Vat)
2-day workshops R5 250 (incl Vat)
3-day workshops R7 850 (incl Vat)

Discounts will apply to SAMLA members and for those who pay for all 6 of the 2019 events upfront.

At present the costs are provisional, the current estimate is based on a minimum registration of 220 participants.

So, we need your help please:

  1. As you may appreciate, the organisation with many “moving parts” is quite a challenge. In order to secure venues and technicians; to complete the arrangements timeously and to be able to present the training at competitive rates, we need confirmed interest from at least 220 participants for the full year or 2019 Workshops.
  2. Save the dates.

Planned workshops and dates for 2019 

(The first day of each workshop is for instruction and the subsequent day(s) for syndicate feedback and discussion – CPD points are being applied for i.r.o each seminar/workshop day)

1. 26 January 2019:
Special National Seminar
Part 1. Interviewing Skills for Medico-Legal Practitioners – Various Professional Perspectives. How to raise your game from the get-go.
Part 2 – New developments in the Legal Field: Implications of the State Liability Amendment Bill for Medico-legal practice.
2019 Course – Introduction to the Workshop Series and explanation of syndicate structure.

2. 2 March and 16 March – Workshop 1.
Traumatic Brain Injury
(2 Days plus assignment to write a topic specific report)

3. 6 April and 4 May – Workshop 2.
Psychological Consequences, Emotional Shock and Constitutional Damages.
Monetary and Non-Monetary Compensation                                                                     

(2 Days plus assignment to write a topic specific report)

4. 1 June, 13 July and 17 August – Workshop 3.
RAF 4 Assessment and Recommendation                                                                                 
(3 Days plus assignment to write a topic specific report)

5. 7 September and 12 October – Workshop 4.
Cerebral Palsy
(2 Days plus assignment to write a topic specific report)

6. 2 November and 30 November – Workshop 5.
Mediation for Mediators, Attorneys, Advocates and Expert Witnesses               
(2 Days plus assignment to write a mediation case study)

Important documents available for download – follow the below links:

*Further information regarding the Online Course and the Series of Workshops for 2020 will be provided in due course. Please visit the SAMLA website  for updates.

*Please also ensure that your SAMLA membership is up-to-date to take advantage of the discounted rates.

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  • End Date: November 30, 2019
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