IV Iberoamerican Conference of Neuropsychology

June 30, 2020
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January 28, 2021

IV Iberoamerican Conference of Neuropsychology

The IV Iberoamerican Conference of Neuropsychology that will take place virtually on May 27, 28 and 29, 2021.

The conference will be attended by more than 35 prominent speakers in the area of neuropsychology and neuroscience at the international level such as Antonio Damasio, Jill Winegardner, Alan Baddeley, Kristine Kingsley, Russell A Barkley, Rafael Yuste, Marsel Mesulam among many others.

The conference will include the following:
• 10 pre-conference workshops.
• 13 keynote speeches.
• 10 Symposiums
• 60 oral presentations
• More than 200 posters
There will also be various social activities that include dance and singing presentations by people and folklore groups from different countries in Latin America.

Attendees will be able to present their work in Spanish, Portuguese or English. The keynote speeches will be in English with Spanish subtitles or in Spanish with English subtitles.

The congress will begin every day in the afternoon in Madrid with the objective that many people from all over the world can have the opportunity to see the presentations at a reasonable hour for a majority of countries.

All the presentations will be recorded and available during the 30 days following the end of the conference so that people can watch them as many times as they want.

The conference will have presentations on different current topics in neuropsychology dealing with the entire life cycle.

The conference will be characterized by a great diversity of participants and speakers with whom we will be able to learn not only about neuropsychology but also about their countries and cultures.

The conference will have a series of interactive virtual stands in which attendees will be able to see and buy tests, books and materials related to the area of neuropsychology.

The conference website is in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Finally, the conference will have a series of technical staff, engineers, cameras and support personnel to make this an unforgettable experience.

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Deadline for submission of papers is December 20.

Deadline for conference registration is February 15, 2021

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