Children’s Color Trails Test™ (CCTT™)

Brief Neuropsychological Cognitive Examination (BNCE)
July 7, 2015
Continuous Visual Memory Test (CVMT)
July 7, 2015
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Children’s Color Trails Test™ (CCTT™)

The CCTT assesses sustained attention, sequencing, and other executive functions while reducing reliance on language and diminishing the effects of cultural bias and parental verbal report.

The CCTT is firmly rooted in child development and maturational theory, developmental neuropsychology, and child neurology. The salient features, color and number, were chosen because these characteristics are easier than letters for children to process and recognize.

Authors: Antolin M. Llorente, PhD, Jane Williams, PhD, Paul Satz, PhD, and Louis F. D’Elia, PhD

Publishers: PAR

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