Test: Animal Naming (Category Fluency).

Administration: Xhosa-speaking examinees are instructed to name as many animals as possible in Xhosa in one minute.  Scoring is one point per animal named in a minute.  Repetitions (saying an animal more than once) and intrusions (naming something that is not an animal) needs to be noted but do not score points.  Administration details and more information about this test can be found in texts such as, “A Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests – Administration, Norms, and Commentary” by Strauss, Sherman & Spreen and “Neuropsychological Assessment” by Lezak.

Norms available for:

  • Healthy South African Xhosa-speaking adults aged 19-34 years, with at least 7 years of disadvantaged quality of education.

Reference: Moshani, N. (2009). The Exploration of Neuropsychological Disorders in HAART-Naive young adults in South Africa. Cape Town, South Africa. Retrieved September 29, 2016

  • Healthy South African non-English first-language speakers, aged 18-57 years, with 8-12 years of disadvantaged education, tested in English (n = 156)

Reference: Presented at the PsySSA Conference, October 2018.  Available upon request to NeuropsychologySA subscribers.  E-mail sharon@neuropsychologysa.co.za.