The Neuropsychology Toolkit: Guidelines, Formats, and Language

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The Neuropsychology Toolkit: Guidelines, Formats, and Language

Author: Richard L. Wanlass
Subtitle: Guidelines, Formats, and Language
Publisher: Springer
Year Published: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4614-1881-8
Pages: 160


This book is a useful toolkit for psychologists practicing in the field of neuropsychology.  It covers some very practical matters around neuropsychological assessment and report-writing. For example, the book offers two templates for report-writing: the short report (well suited for non-forensic medical settings) and the long report (for the medico-legal context). It also gives examples for wording test results, conclusions and recommendations, which is very useful particularly when one is new to report-writing or have to write about somewhat delicate topics such as malingering, ability to drive and risk of suicide.

Also very useful, are the neuropsychological questionnaires that the author makes available in this book: a self-report version and a family version.  These help psychologists gain information regarding identifying information, referral information, history of the current problem, prior medical history, educational and cultural background, work history, current living situation and current complaints of their clients.

Some incidental benefits of having access to this book are increasing awareness of commonly used neuropsychological tests; under which sections various tests should be mentioned in reports; notes on the measurement of pre-morbid functioning and typical language use errors made by psychologists with corrections.


Review written by Sharon Truter

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