Neuropsychology is a growing field in South Africa, as it is internationally.
This website aims to bring information about neuropsychology to psychologists who are interested in the field, particularly those being educated in and working in South Africa.
Interested professionals are invited to share their knowledge and experience through this website for the benefit of all.  Examples of ways that they can contribute are by informing NeuropsychologySA of training opportunities, conferences, etc. in the field that they are aware of but has not been posted, by recommending books and tests, and by notifying NeuropsychologySA of any South African norms of neuropsychological tests that they are aware of.
NeuropsychologySA was and is being developed by Dr Sharon Truter (Counselling Psychologist (Neuropsychology)), but the many contributions by colleagues and the assistance of admin staff continues to improve what the website has to offer the neuropsychological community in South Africa.