Malingering Workshop: Are your patients deceiving you?

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April 9, 2018
International Neuropsychological Society – 47th Annual Meeting 
May 28, 2018
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Malingering Workshop: Are your patients deceiving you?

Malingering: Are your patients deceiving you?

Workshop presented by Dr Sharon Truter
(6 CPD Points accredited)

There are several reasons why patients might want to feign cognitive impairment, such as to get out of trouble, to gain attention/sympathy or for financial gain.  It is the responsibility of the psychologist conducting a cognitive assessment, to know when and how to assess for malingering and when and how to report it.

Workshop content:

Learn how to discern true from malingered cognitive deficits in patients referred for:

  • Brain injury assessments for personal injury and/or medical negligence claims;
  • Disability Assessments;
  • ADHD assessments (with the aim of receiving stimulant medication);
  • Criminal liability assessments;
  • Competence to stand trial;
  • Pain and fatigue-related medical disorders and
  • Psychiatric assessments.

Find out:

  • How common misperceptions of brain functioning can alert psychologists to feigned cognitive impairment;
  • What behavioural signs should raise suspicion of malingering;
  • If/how/from what age children malinger;
  • How language and level/quality of education affects malingering evaluations in the South African context and
  • Acceptable and unacceptable criteria for a finding of “probably malingering”.

Receive tips on:

  • How to address suspected malingering in a report;
  • How to give feedback about suspected malingering to patients and
  • The importance of treating patients with respect despite suspected malingering.

Venues, Dates and Cost:

  • Pretoria
  • 17 November 2018
  • R2 800-00

Who should attend?

  • Psychologists, psychology students and others who are interested in:
    • Medico-legal assessments;
    • Disability claims;
    • ADHD assessments;
    • Criminal matters;
    • Psychiatric assessments;
    • Psychosomatic complaints and
    • Medically unexplained symptoms.

CPD certification:

6 General CEU’s accredited ( Accreditation number: PS8002/011/04/2018)

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About the presenter:
Dr Sharon Truter is a Counselling Psychologist with expertise in neuropsychology.  She runs a neuropsychology practice at the Neuro-Network Centre in Somerset West, where she assesses patients, trains psychologists in neuropsychology and conducts research in the field.  She is a Full Member of the South African Clinical Neuropsychological Association (SACNA) and founder and organiser of NeuropsychologySA.  She has a special interest in the application of neuropsychology in linguistically, educationally and culturally diverse populations.