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Frontal Lobes: Assessment of Executive Functions

This is the first book to explore one of the most important and rapidly evolving topics in contemporary neuropsychology – the most “human” and recently evolved region of the brain, the frontal lobes.  They are crucial for all high-order functioning and hold the key to our judgment, our social and ethical behaviour, our imagination, indeed, to our “soul.”  In this latest course offered by SACNA, we explore the inner workings fo the  frontal lobes, the associated executive functions, and their place in society. Guided by Elkhonon Goldberg (PhD) in his ground-breaking text, The New Executive Brain: Frontal Lobes in a Complex World, SACNA’s latest self-study educational initiative is intended to equip the neuropsychologist, or any other individual interested in the neurosciences, with information relevant for the assessment of executive functioning.
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The course will focus on the following areas:

• The architecture of the frontal lobes
• Structure related to function: An exploration of cognitive hierarchies
• Neuropathology related to executive dysfunction and disconnection syndrome
• Lateralisation and individual differences
• Social maturity, control in society, and morality, as related to the frontal lobes
• Neuropharmacology and neuroplasticity in the frontal lobes

This is a self study course based on the  book “The New  Executive Brain: Frontal Lobes in a Complex World” by Elkhonon Goldberg
You are required to order the prescribed book yourself from, as an paperback or  an e-book. Allow two weeks for delivery.
Soon after registration you will receive the short-answer questionnaire based on the prescribed book.
You will be required to work through the textbook in your own time and complete the exam questionnaire.
The questionnaires need to be completed independently and scanned and e-mailed to the SACNA office for marking, on or before the final submission date.
“Elkhonon Goldberg, Ph.D., is an author, scientist, educator and clinician, who is internationally renowned for his clinical work, research, writings and teaching in neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience.  He is a Clinical Professor of Neurology at New York University School of Medicine, and diplomate of The American Board of Professional Psychology in Clinical Neuropsychology, and he is also Director of the Luria Neuroscience Institute, having been a student and close associate of the great neuropsychologist Aleksandr Luria.”
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  • Start Date:
  • Location: Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, International, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape, Western Cape
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The South African Medico-Legal Association and UCT Law@Work, in collaboration with Function Venues, are pleased to announce a training course in medico-legal practice that is set to commence in January 2018.

This first of the intended certificated courses will combine the benefits of highly-experienced lecturers with open discussion and diverse input. It is intended for professionals in all fields who engage in, or wish to engage in, medico-legal practice in South Africa. The scope relates to medico-legal disputes in personal injury matters as well as clinical negligence matters, and to resolution of medico-legal disputes through litigation and mediation.

Foundations of Medico-Legal Practice will be presented over six months, with sessions taking place on eleven Saturdays, followed by an optional exam in July 2018.

The six subjects that will be covered are:

  • South African law applicable to personal injury litigation
  • Ethical conduct in medico-legal practice
  • Psychology and communication in medico-legal practice
  • Logical reasoning
  • Medical science applicable to medico-legal practice
  • Other sciences applicable to medico-legal practice


Early bird discount: Register and pay by 31 October 2017 to receive a discount off the full price of R22,000.


See course brochure

  • Start Date:
  • Location: Western Cape
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NeuropsychologySA Mini Courses for 2017

  • Oxygen and the Brain – 3 CPD Points (PSB002/025/11/2015).  This course is important for all psychologists who need to understand the effects of oxygen deprivation on the brain and behaviour, and to alert them to the potential influence of oxygen deprivation in the lives of patients who have been oxygen deprived, e.g. with near drownings, some attempted suicides, motor vehicle accident patients who sustained chest injuries and even sleep apnea.
  • Neuro-Imaging – 3 CPD points (PSBOO2IO26/11/2016).  This course is important for all psychologists who work in the field of neuropsychology, and is aimed at helping them to gain knowledge and insight about the types of  imaging available and what their differences are e.g. CT, MRI and DTI.
  • Depression, Dementia and Delirium: Differential Diagnosis – 3 CPD Points (PSBOO2/O27 /11/2016). This course is for all psychologists and other health care professionals who need to tease out to what extent a patient’s symptoms are likely to be due to depression and to what extent they are likely to be due to dementia.  A description of delirium is included to help put the other two diagnoses in perspective.

COST: Free to subscribers of NeuropsychologySA*.  For non-subscribers, the cost is R600 per course.

COURSE CONTENT: These courses involve watching short videos, visiting websites and/or reading information, and then completing an online questionnaire.  For content on specific courses, click on the name of the course above.

REGISTRATION: Registration is now open. To enroll for one or more of these mini courses, download the registration form, complete the form and e-mail it to

DEADLINES: Completed questionnaires must be submitted before the end of September 2017.

*To become a subscriber to NeuropsychologySA, complete the subscription application (also to be found on page 2 of the registration form), and e-mail it to Cost of subscription is R107-00 per month.

  • Start Date: January 18, 2017
  • Location: Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape, Western Cape
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Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Workshop of Acquired Brain Injury


Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Workshop (NRW)

| 2017 Theme: Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) – ‘Multiple Dysfunctions to Multidisciplinary Actions’|

Kolkata, India| February 20-25, 2017, supported by the International Neuropsychological Society (INS)-Charles Mathews Fund, World Federation for Neurorehabilitation (WFNR) & Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) in association with Duttanagar Mental Health Centre (DMHC).

The six day extensive workshop, to be held at the Lalit Great Eastern Hotel, will involve a stellar line up of highly acclaimed international and national experts, clinicians and academicians in the field of neuropsychological rehabilitation and will provide hands on training and learning of the highest quality on the assessment and management of ABI.

This workshop will be of interest to Neuropsychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Neurosurgeons, psychiatry/neurology nurses, Rehabilitation Medicine Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language therapists, Physiotherapists, post graduate trainees and IT professionals working with adults following ABI.

There is a Full Day Pre Workshop Session on the Single Case Experiential Design to be held on the 19th February, 2017.  

The first three days of the scientific programme has been planned in a manner, which will be of particular interest and relevance to psychiatrists, neurologists and neurosurgeons including post graduate residents. 

The final three days of the workshop will also provide a great opportunity to IT professionals and students interested in assistive technology for brain injured individuals, to develop a good understanding of the core cognitive functions so that they can match assistive technology with the clinical needs of those with brain injury. This will be a session on Assistive Technology in Neurorehabilitation for IT students & professionals to facilitate communication with the international experts in neuropsychological rehabilitation and explore ideas to develop technologies to improve functional capabilities of individuals with ABI.

Please visit the workshop website for more details:

The conference venue has a limited capacity, so kindly register as soon as possible if you wish to attend this unique programme.


  • Start Date: February 20, 2017
  • Location: International
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HPCSA Code of Conduct & Social Media workshop

Kimberley Hospital Complex workshop13 October 2017

Ethics & Minors

10 Ethical CPD

Contact Dr Booyens ( for more info

George21 October 2017

HPCSA Rules of Conduct & Social Media

10 Ethical CPD

08H30 – 14H00

R 900 (Early bird R 800 till 29 Sept ’17)

Louis Trichardt15 November 2017

Ethics & Minors

10 Ethical CPD

08H30 – 14H00

R 800 (early bird R 700 till 27 Oct ’17)


Polokwane16 November 2017

HPCSA Rules of Conduct & Social Media

10 Ethical CPD

08H30 – 14H00

R 800 (Early bird R 700 till 27 Oct ’17)


Nelspruit17 November 2017

HPCSA Rules of Conduct & Social Media

10 Ethical CPD

08H30 – 14H00

R 800 (Early bird R 700 till 27 Oct ’17)

Contact to book a spot
or for more information about these workshops

Ethics & Minors workshop (10 CPD)
discusses everything relating to working with minors in the health care industry, more specifically this will include the Children’s Act, Informed Consent & Confidentiality in Minors, Reporting of Abuse, etc.  Practical case discussions will be used throughout the workshop.HPCSA Rules & Social Media workshop (10 CPD) looks at the 28 specific HPCSA Rules of
Conduct as published on their website.  These are Ethical Rules of Conduct that all health care professionals should comply with.  We will look at cases that were reported to the HPCSA where health care professionals were found guilty of transgressing one or more of these rules. The second part of this workshop will focus on the aspects pertaining to social media that affects health care professionals, this will include (amongst other things) advertising, befriending patients, professional social media pages, appropriate / inappropriate social media presence, etc. Practical case discussions will be used to facilitate learning.  Note this workshop is not similar to the HPCSA Malpractice workshop.

Invite | Registration form

  • Start Date: September 8, 2017
  • Location: Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Northern Cape, Western Cape
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Neuropsychological Assessment of Children in South Africa: Practical Application of the NEPSY II

Workshop Content

Appropriate for ages 3-16 years, the NEPSY II has been translated from English into Afrikaans, Sesotho, Sepedi, Setswana, isiZulu and isiXhosa. Besides the available US norms, preliminary norms for South African disadvantaged children aged 10-11 and 15-16 years are available and further norm research is being done.

The NEPSY II test helps psychologists assess, understand and diagnose individual difficulties that children might have with learning, attention, behaviour, language, perception, motor ability and social/interpersonal functioning. The test also helps to assess school readiness. Based on Lurian theory, the following domains can be tested using the NEPSY II: Attention and Executive Functioning; Language; Memory and Learning; Sensorimotor; Visuospatial Processing and Social Perception.

This two-day workshop will be a practical, hands-on workshop, where delegates will learn how to administer and score the subtests of the NEPSY II and to interpret the test results in the context of brain-behaviour relationships.

The workshop includes an optional practical component to help the delegates solidify what has been learned  and  to help collect further norms. For the practical, delegates need to test two healthy children, aged 10, 11, 15 or 16 years with disadvantaged quality of education on a selection of NEPSY   II subtests that takes approximately 1 – 1 ½ hour(s) per child.

Participants doing this practical will receive:

•   Additional CPD points;

•   The translations and

•   The norms when they are compiled

Who should attend

Psychologists (Clinical, Counselling, Educational and Research, including those interested in forensics and neuropsychology)


2 full days (08:00-16:30)


R2 500.00 incl. VAT


Somerset-West (Cape Town) 16-17 October 2017

Kloof (Durban)  26-27 October 2017

Lynnwood (Pretoria) 03-04 November 2017

Workshop hours are from 08:00 until 16:30 on all days. Venue to be confirmed upon registration.


Neuropsychological Assessment of Children in SA (Two-day workshop – both days compulsory) = 14 General CEU’s, Level 1 for attendance

Neuropsychological Assessment of Children in SA (Optional Practical Assignment)  = 2 General CEU’s, Level 1 for attendance

About the presenter

Presented by Dr Sharon Truter, a Counselling Psychologist who practices and trains psychologists in the field of neuropsychology and who has been involved in the adaptation of the NEPSY II to the South African context.


To register, complete and return the enrolment form or contact us on or tel 012 342 1606 for more information.


  • Start Date: October 16, 2017
  • Location: Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape
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EPASSA Workshop in Cape Town

EPASSA Workshop

The Educational Psychology Association of South Africa (EPASSA) is hosting a workshop in Cape Town at Milnerton High School on the 22nd of October.

View the programme | Download the registration form



R700 Paid up EPASSA member
R850 Non-paid up EPASSA member/non EPASSA memberHealth care professions (e.g. Therapists, Doctors etc.)
R450 Students, Psychometrists, Counsellors and Social Workers

Registration deadline – 16 October 2017

Bookings will be confirmed once proof of payment is received together with completed registration form. Confirmation emails will be sent following payments received. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us immediately.

Please send proof of payment and registration form to:


  • Start Date: October 22, 2017
  • Location: Western Cape
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SACNA Western Cape Meetings 2017

Time:  17.00 for 17.15 pm, last Wednesday of each month.  Come early for networking.




25 October

Assessing Executive functions in the context of low SES in a Wellington sample.

Tania Pomario

29 November


  • Start Date: October 25, 2017
  • Location: Western Cape
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Talk Therapy Toolkit Psychotherapy and Counselling Workshop Series

View the brochure

This series of workshops, hosted by Mindmuzik Media, and presented by Dr Thirusha Naidu (co-editor of the handbook “The Talk Therapy Toolkit: Theory and practice of counselling and psychotherapy”), focusses on  professional counselling skills to address clients’ needs throughout the various stages of the counselling and therapy process.

Who should attend?

Psychologists, psychometrists, registered counsellors, other professionals who practice counselling and psychotherapy.

See above brochure for details and costing.

Workshop 1 dates and venues:


Workshop 2 dates and venues:

Pretoria: 28 October 2017



  • Start Date: October 28, 2017
  • Location: Gauteng
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Starting and maintaining a psychology practice workshop

A practical guide for starting, maintaining and improving a psychology practice.

Durban and Cape Town.

A 1 day training seminar for Psychologists and Intern Psychologists.

(Accredited for 6 Level 1 Ethics CEU’s and 3 Level 1 Clinical CEU’s for all categories of registered psychologists)

South African psychologists are well trained – as psychologists. But we’re seldom prepared by our training for the challenges of starting or maintaining a vibrant private psychology practice. It is often daunting for the newly registered psychologist to navigate the difficulties of practice management. But sometimes it can be even more daunting to breathe new life into a psychology practice that is going stale or that has landed in a rut.

Our presenter shares his experiences (and mishaps) of over 10 years in private practice as a psychologist ranging from the social media minefield, digital communication near-misses, avoiding financial (mis) management pitfalls, scares relating to record-keeping and how we neglect ourselves, and offers advice on how get going or improve an existing psychology practice.

Topics that will be covered include:

      • Marketing the psychology practice – How to be a Purple Cow;
      • Internet etiquette – the digital minefield;
      • Case Notes – Live or die by your notes;
      • Ethical Billing;
      • Confidentiality; and
      • The Therapist as person.

This 1 day seminar will be of benefit to all psychologists in building on your professional training and assisting you to maintain a financially viable professional practice within the tightly regulated environment that we practice within, and avoid many of the pitfalls awaiting the unwary psychologist.

Venues and Dates:

We will be hosting this seminar at the following venues:

East London

Friday 3rd November 2017

St.Dominics Hospital
45 St. Marks Road
East London


08:00 to 08:30 Registration and coffee/tea

08:30 to 17:00 Seminar.

      • All refreshments and lunch will be provided;
      • Free parking available at both venues;
      • Participants will be provided with all presentation material on a free USB flash drive.


Registered psychologists : R1 500.00

Intern psychologists : R1 200.00

This will not be a boring lecture and is intended to be an interactive seminar, so the seminars will be restricted to no more than 30 participants at each venue, so book early to avoid disappointment.

To register simply complete the registration form and return it to us by E-Mail or fax.

Bookings and Registrations:

Cheryl at


Mike at

Call us on 021 557 2251 / SMS us on 083 701 2285.

Our presenter:

Mike Webber acquired over 25 years corporate experience in local government, mostly at senior level before completing his education and training as a counselling psychologist. He has been in private practice for over 10 years now. He has practiced at the Milnerton Mediclinic, Constantiaberg Mediclinic and now practices at the Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital. He has published several journal articles on psychoneuroimmunology and PTSD, and has lectured on the Unisa psychology Hons degree programme. He is an accomplished trainer but more importantly he has, with the assistance of his practice manager, established, restructured and continues to re-engineer his private practice to meet the ever-changing environment we practice in and has experience at the coal face of practice management.

  • Start Date: November 3, 2017
  • Location: Eastern Cape
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Neurological Association of South Africa (NASA) Congress 2018

NASA Save the date

  • Start Date: March 7, 2018
  • Location: KwaZulu-Natal
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